Pictures of Kestrels

Here are a few more pictures of Kestrels. The black-and-white picture on the main Kestral VLSI sequence analysis co-processor page (the last picture below) is from Witmer Stone, Bird Studies at old Cape May, 1937, and was drawn by Earl L. Poole. Below, the first painting was made by John James Audubon, while the female (brown wings) and male (blue wings) Kestrels are from Edward Forbush, Birds of Massachusetts and Other New England States, 1927, and was painted by Louis Fuertes. You can find more pictures of Kestrels at this site.
There is also a kestrel stamp, information about Kestrels, and even more information about Kestrels, all of which I found looking around the Kestrel's Nest. There's a birding on the Web site as well.